Firstly, thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Fingers crossed we will be back in the studio from Monday April 12th - social distancing and restrictions will still be in place, but, I for one, can not wait to have pupils back in the studio, rather than online.

As most of you already know, 2021 should be a “SHOW YEAR” for The Dancers School.

After the uncertainty and restrictions which we have all had in the last year, I would have loved to give all pupils the chance to be up on stage performing with their friends and doing the usual big show which we all love being a part of, but there are several problems with this:

  • We are not 100% sure that restrictions will be lifted on the dates currently given – so, proposed dates for removing social distancing & theatres being able to reopen could still be put back to a later date.

  • The earliest pupils will be able to dance without social distancing in place is June 21st, which means no physical contact/getting near each other in class until at least that date, which restricts the actual choreography of dances quite a lot, and is also problematic in terms of fitting and buying costumes.

  • In addition, I do not really know how many pupils will be returning to the studio when we reopen – although many pupils have successfully continued with online classes, many pupils, particularly in lower grade classes, have not been taking part online, and I will also still be limited on class numbers until social distancing stops. Whereas I am usually confident that the show would be close to breaking even or making some profit for charity, I know that potentially fewer pupils, and therefore fewer people watching, would be a big worry in terms of covering theatre and production costs for a big show.


Having spent quite a while looking at options, the Britannia Pier theatre have now confirmed that they will not be taking any further bookings for 2021, outside of the summer shows they have already scheduled, so in terms of the usual big production, this has really made the final decision for me, BUT...

I am hoping/intending (as long as restrictions are sufficiently relaxed) to stage two smaller scale performances for pupils to be involved in, which will take place on

Sunday October 3rd & Sunday October 10th

 at the Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston.

As this is a much smaller venue, not all pupils will be performing on both days, particularly younger pupils who will definitely only perform on one of the days, but everyone who wants to be involved should be able to take part in at least one of the performances.

Please let me know if any pupils are unable to perform on these dates.

Planning for these performances is still very much in the early stages - as soon as I have made more decisions, and have more detailed information, it will be shared with you, so please be patient in the meantime.

I have not made any decision about 2022 either as yet – whether there will be a show/performance, or if it will be a year to catch up with exams instead.


Many thanks,