The Dancers School offers a range of classes for all ages & abilities. While dance is a great source of enjoyment & a very good way to keep fit, pupils are also encouraged to take examinations in the ISTD syllabi in ballet, modern theatre dance, tap & jazz.


Classes from 3 years upwards in graded examinations of the ISTD. Ballet is the technical basis of all dance forms. It is key to encouraging good posture, co-ordination skills & musical appreciation. Although enjoyment is of prime importance for a young child beginning to dance, equally important is a steady build up of technique and safe practice.


For children aged 4 upwards, pupils take classes in the graded examinations of the ISTD. Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style, often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities and needs strength and flexibility. This is an energetic dance style but also incorporates lyrical, jazz & contemporary styles.

Adult Ballet

A class for adults who like to dance & use it as a way to keep fit. It is also very good for improving  core strength and balance.


Classes for junior and senior pupils with trained and qualified teachers/instructors who work in local schools and colleges' Performing Arts departments.

Keep Fit

A class for adults who want to keep fit to music. The class starts with a warm-up, builds with a short aerobic section & then works on core strength & flexibility to finish.


For children aged 4 upwards, pupils take classes in the graded examinations of the ISTD. Tap evolved as an American dance form, & is now  popularised throughout the world. The dancer uses their feet to beat out different rhythms with a distinctive sound and it can incorporate a range of dance styles. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals; great for fun, co-ordination and rhythm. 


For age 8 & above. Jazz is an energetic & funky class using current music trends, with the emphasis on having fun and getting fit, as well as developing a strong technique. Pupils can take the ISTD Jazz Awards to Gold level, & then continue with senior jazz classes which work more on free dances & routines.